Tuesday, August 18, 2009

FAMILY: Las Vegas Divorce in Two Months

Las Vegas is the town of quick marriages and quick divorces. Many States in the United States require a person to have resided in that State anywhere from six months to several years before a divorce court will exercise jurisdiction over a divorce.

Not so in Nevada. You need only have lived here for six weeks before you can file a Petition for Divorce. Once the petition is filed, the actual divorce date will depend on several factors including whether the spouse will cooperate, the court's calendar, and amount of property in dispute, and disputes over child custody. However, if both spouses can agree on everything, then a divorce decree could be filed within a couple of months.

However, there are a few caveats regarding the six-week residency rule. For instance, Nevada law requires that a person reside continually in the State for the six weeks. This means that one cannot go to Vegas, leave immediately for several weeks, then come back and claim to be a resident for purposes of jurisdiction.

Another caveat is that you must have the intent to remain indefinitely. This means you have to show that you intend to really make Nevada your home. One can do this by getting a Nevada's Driver's License, renting a place (I recommend month to month leases). and getting a job.

You must also provide a witness who will testify that you have lived in Vegas for six weeks.

I always recommend that a Nevada attorney handle a divorce. However, fast, easy divorces, such as the ones contemplated in this article, should not be expensive. An attorney should charge between $1600 and $2500. More would be expensive for the work involved.

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